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Debarshi Duttagupta

Debarshi Duttagupta is acclaimed Calcutta based Photographer. It is an extreme honor for us that he is the only Indian to have been honored with the Nikon Grand Prix Award in 2011 for his exemplary work “Learning to Fly”. A Lawyer by profession and currently heads one of the oldest and largest Pharmaceutical Company. Out of his extremely busy schedule and extensive travelling he still manages to live his passion – Photography.

An extremely down to earth person, Rishi’da, as he is popularly known to the Calcutta Photography community has been associated with various photography endeavors – Cloudvisions and Kolkata180. Every year he organizes a Photography Exhibition for his Company personnel. And for 3 years he and four of his close friends (Team Chhobiwala) has gifted Calcutta 3 brilliant Photography Exhibitions (Moment Um, Punch O Tantrum and ele-Mental). Chhobiwala launched an unique Coffee Table Book – Kashi Kaleidoscope during ele-Mental exhibition in December 2014.

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